Seamless crypto swaps, at the best prices

Swap digital assets directly from your Web3 wallet, with deep liquidity combined from top centralized and decentralized exchanges.


You pay

You receive

Elevate your Web3 experience

Enhanced liquidity

Exchange crypto with deep liquidity, ensuring competitive prices, minimal slippage, and immediate execution.

A shortcut for crypto swaps

No need to transfer crypto to centralized exchanges. Convert digital assets directly from your Web3 wallet.

One-click wallet connection

Effortlessly integrate your MetaMask wallet with CEDEX to convert digital assets.

Security-first approach

Access a secure and compliant environment for your transactions, ensuring the cryptocurrency you receive is thoroughly vetted.

Zero gas fees

We cover network transaction fees, eliminating the need to worry about having crypto in your wallet, or managing multiple balances.

Cost-optimized to maximize efficiency

Our smart contract performs fewer operations and utilizes network resources more efficiently, resulting in lower overall costs by almost four times, compared to popular DEXs.

MEV protection

Safeguard your transactions from front-running and sandwich attacks, improving the cost-efficiency of your swaps.

Trusted by millions

CEDEX is the official partner of CEX.IO which is an established, respected crypto ecosystem with a 10-year history. CEX.IO provides services in 150+ countries, for over six million customers.

Instant crypto swaps

Say goodbye to waiting, and hello to seamless swaps with real-time execution.

How to use CEDEX

  • Choose assets you want to swap, and specify the desired amount.
CEDEX is available only to verified users. Typically, the verification process takes less than 10 minutes. After connecting the wallet, a user will be prompted to conduct a first transaction, which requires them to cover the gas cost. For all further swaps from this specific wallet, we cover network transaction fees.